Target Audience Identification and Channel Identification

Problem Statement


Client wants to identify the target audience for a new show “Born This Way” aired on “A&E”. They also want to identify the right channels through which ad agencies could reach the target audience.




Create different micro-groups of subscribers who watch a particular show using demographic, viewership and interest data.


Use this profiling to identify the target audience along with the propensity to tune to that channel.


Analyze the viewership data for the customers to identify the right channels, day and time for running the targeted campaigns.




It was identified that Afro Americans living in Long Island who had 2-3 children in their house were most likely target group.


In order to ensure that maximum impressions from these households were obtained, it was identified that the ads must be pushed through the following networks TLC , VH1 , LIFE during 7 PM – 8 PM.