Case Studies on different functional area

Rate Discovery Analysis for SUPPLY CHAIN SHIPPERS

Analyze the US freight market to benchmark freight rates so that Shippers and carriers can optimise their pricing using the benchmark.

Availability and Profitability of FOOD PRODUCTS

Leading Retailer in Europe had issues with availability and profitability of food products in some of their stores. The Forecast Inventory planners were not making data driven decisions but using expert judgment. The client approached us to refine the forecast model so as to improve forecast accuracy

Correcting Missing data of audience

Leading media player in the US wants to develop a model to find the missing values in audience data and also to assist them in productionalization of the model

Sentimental Analysis for Social Networking Platform

To develop a solution which can be scaled post launch and currently tested and built on user community of the client

Customer Churn

Client wants to develop a early attrition indicator for their customer base so that targeted campaigns can be designed with customer retention standpoint

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