AI-powered Chatbot for Insurance

Today, Customer Servicing is one of the great challenges the insurance industry is facing. Customers expect transparency and better experiences on any End-to-End transactions like policy purchase, policy activation, and claims processing.


In the course of Digital Transformation, TechVantage developed AI-powered customizable Chatbot that helps customers to easily interact with the Insurers, which improves the customer experience towards the products and services. This 24*7 customer service chatbot improves efficiency across the insurance value chain and helps the insurance companies to empower their customers in a way that inspires loyalty and advocacy.


According to a recent study by a German Insurtech, almost 45% of the Insurance companies are planning to integrate Chatbots to supplement their range of services. The development in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms let the automated chatbot to help customers in the end-to-end transaction and answers all questions related to insurance including the latest offers and tariffs. 



Here is how our Rule-based or NLP based Chatbot can change the Insurance industry:


  • * Easy policy purchase and activation
  • * Resolves issues of the policyholder in real time
  • * Manage claims quickly and efficiently
  • * Automation in advisory and underwriting
  • * 24/7 Customer support
  • * Simplify account updates and payments
  • * Empower relationships between the insurance provider and policyholder


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